Dear colleagues and friends of The Faculty of Geo-economics (Faculty of International Economics), Belgrade.

Thank you for your interest in studying at our Faculty.

Faculty of Geo-economics – GEF is a higher education institution which is unique in Serbia with outstanding syllabus in the fields of geo-economics, regional economics, international economics and relations, international finance and banking. All the syllabuses are constantly upgraded.

Faculty of Geo-economics has started the „Global Learning“process this year. This is a concept of global learning enabling students to acquire the knowledge necessary for doing business in modern business environment worldwide. This is a unique concept developed by Doris and John Naisbitt and applied for the first time at the Faculty of Geo-economics.

All study programs at the Faculty of Geo-economics are accredited and recognized by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Republic of Serbia. A number of our graduates who continued their master’s and PhD studies abroad are a proof that our faculty is recognized internationally.

We would be happy if you let us play the key role in your education. As partners in common endeavor we will strive towards the same goal – acquiring a high level of knowledge and skills that will prepare you for any business challenge and help you in both personal and professional development. At the same time, it will be the best recommendation of our faculty for generations to come and a confirmation of its social validity.

Prof. Vesna Milanovic, PhD

Dean of Faculty of Geoeconomics

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